Always there. Everywhere.
The mobile energy storage system: Emission-free, quiet and powerful.

In many areas, such as on construction sites, at open-air events, for first responders or disaster response, traditional diesel generators no longer meet the requirements in terms of sustainability and climate protection.

Environment-friendly energy always available.


The VOLTSTATION® is a powerful energy storage system which offers an environment-friendly, economical alternative that is flexible in use – both mobile and stationary.

The electricity requirements are covered independently of the grid infrastructure, operation is emission-free, and the compact design means it can be used flexibly, wherever and whenever needed. As in our guiding principle: Always there. Everywhere. And in times of rising fuel prices and cost-efficient use of off-peak electricity, our energy storage system is also an attractive solution economically.

Easy to transport – with a Class B driver’s license and a trailer – the VOLTSTATION® is a thoroughly well-thought out energy storage solution.


ES30 and ES50


01   Eyebolts for lifting transport
02   Lockable compartment
03   Ground frame with transport recesses 
04   LED status display  

05   Battery charge indicator
06   Rating plate
07   Protective casing
08   Charging connector

09   Connectors for 4x Schuko 16A
10   3x CEE plugs 400 V / 16A
11   1x CEE plugs 400 V / 32A

The reliable energy source for every requirement

There are many good reasons why our mobile energy storage is the solution to ensure a sustainable energy supply for a wide variety of applications.
Developed and produced in Austria! With over 16 years’ battery expertise, we guarantee the use of leading European manufacturing technology.

Awareness is increasingly growing of the need to ban emissions such as CO2 and exhaust gases from urban areas. In the 20 kVA segment the emission-free VOLTSTATION® is the perfect solution.
The mobile energy storage system is substantially quieter compared to diesel gensets, and also follows the trend for freeing urban environments from all noise.

No regular maintenance or servicing work is necessary, so the operating costs are lower and less time and resources are consumed.


Easy to transport
Any driver with a Class B driver’s license can transport the VOLTSTATION® to its place of use quickly and easily using a small single-axle trailer. On site the energy storage system can be moved effortlessly to the desired spot using a crane, forklift or pallet truck.


Battery charge indicator
The charge indicator enables users to monitor the energy consumption so that they charge the battery in good time, thus avoiding unnecessary stoppages.


Easy to use
The labeled controls and user-friendly interface make the system fast to start up and intuitive to use.


Construction sites

The modern construction site is electric, emission-free, clean and quiet. Today clients are increasingly taking note of ecological criteria during tenders.

The VOLTSTATION® is the solution to substantially reduce emissions such as exhaust gases and noise.

Industry and commerce

Our mobile energy store prevents production downtimes at short notice and unplanned scrappage due to power outages.

By smoothing out peaks in power consumption, it also ensures more efficient use of grid connections.

Open­air events

Sustainability is a central topic for organizers of open-air events, because they often leave a high CO2 footprint behind, particularly due to the energy consumption.


The low-noise VOLTSTATION® is an excellent alternative for film and TV productions.

Operating several VOLTSTATIONs® in parallel allows the energy demand to be scaled, guaranteeing smooth operation for a whole day’s shooting without having to recharge.

Charging infrastructure

The VOLTSTATION® offers a rapid and simple energy supply in regions without charging stations.

Charged using photovoltaics, it can reduce the CO2 footprint and optimize costs by charging during low-cost times and using power during the expensive periods.

Disaster response

During large-scale power outages or disasters such as storms, earthquakes or floods, a power supply for the first responders is crucial.

The VOLTSTATION® can be transported rapidly to the place of use on a small car-trailer by any driver with a Class B driver’s license.

The technical benefits at a glance

General Dates


Types ES30 and ES50
Cell chemistry/cell type

Nickel manganese cobalt – NMC
Lithium-ion battery cells

Cell format Round cell
Installation Plug-and-play
Storage capacity ES30: 28 kWh
ES50: 52 kWh
Weight ES30: 660 kg +\- 5%
ES50: 740 kg +/- 5%
Dimensions (both types) 1680 x 1100 x 1680
Datasheet VOLTSTATION® ES30 & ES50

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For every requirement


With its high energy content of 52 kilowatt-hours, the VOLTSTATION® ES50 is the perfect solution for applications requiring high energy and power.



With 28 kilowatt-hours, the VOLTSTATION® ES30 covers moderate power peaks, and is sufficient for 30 hours’ operating time with a low energy demand, or six hours with a medium load.



Our integrated mobile energy source is ideally suited to light commercial vehicles and many other vehicle types, where it reliably supplies their electrical devices with power and charges their batteries.

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