The VOLTMOTION product group is based on core know how of our company.


With all critical areas like cell expertise, mechanical and electrical engineering, BMS hardware and software, prototype and series production, as well as automation know how we ensure a high level of quality and reliability.


We do provide customized and standard battery pack solutions. Based on diverse customer requirements we have set up diverse platforms - our TERRA and MARINE battery packs.


TERRA platform is developed according to on and off highway automotive requirements and standards.

Based on our laser welding know how we offer one of the safest packs in the market. As we integrate Mibas FLEXCOOLER® technology our packs are best in class in regards of performance and recyclability. Due to the lack of TIM materials our batteries have less weight and can be disassembled easily to make recycling very attractive as it reduces the efforts to a minimum.

The TERRA platform is designed to meet IEC62619 / ISO26262 / ECE R100 / ECE R10 / UN38.3 standards. The MARINE platform is designed for leisure boat applications.


This battery pack is our “Swiss knife” due to its modularity. Everywhere where speed and reliability is requested, TERRA #05 has proven to be the perfect fit. With a separate battery disconnection unit (BDU) and a series connection of up to six packs, the TERRA #05 provides a variety of possibilities for the majority of applications.

According ISO26262, UN38.3, IEC62619 and ECE R100 certified.


TERRA #07 offers state of the art technology including several safety and reliability features. With an additional controller, multiple packs can be connected in parallel to increase the energy content. This pack is based on our standard modular design and offers maximum flexibility and best cooling performance thanks to our FLEXCOOLER® - our liquid cooling component.

IEC62619, ISO26262, UN38.3 certified


This pack was designed for an off highway application and it follows our design principles for safe and reliable batteries.

According to ISO26262


This series pack is designed for commercial and off-highway vehicles. The two mounting positions provide additional flexibility. In our series application, we connect two packs in parallel. With an additional controller multiple packs can be connected in parallel to increase the energy content.

ISO26262 certified, UN38.3


The TERRA #11 fits into a variety of on- and off-highway applications and serves the aftermarket perfectly with its identical dimensions to existing packs. Our external controller makes it easy to connect multiple packs in parallel. The flat design enables a perfect fit in the most challenging installation spaces.

Soon available!

ISO26262 certified, UN38.3


The trend of high voltage electrification is increasing in the leisure boat market. For increased power and efficiency we have derived this pack from our standard modules. Miba FLEXCOOLER®, the lightest cooling “plate” on the market, is integrated for liquid cooling.

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