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Our energy storage solution offers you a sustainable, efficient and independent energy supply, tailored to your energy requirements – today and in the future.


With an energy storage system, not only do you use your own green electricity and actively contribute to the energy turnaround, but you also become independent of rising electricity prices. The basic idea of any storage is to temporarily
store the electricity you have generated yourself, and then use it flexibly as needed.

With our energy storage solution VOLTHOME® we are going one step further.

We offer a home storage system “Made in Austria”, which sets new standards in terms of energy density, flexibility and safety. Our battery system can absorb more energy and is also more compact in design. The modular system effortlessly adapts to any room, is simple and flexible to install and can be flexibly expanded, including for later retrofits.

Further features

Status display:

The Austrian brand Miba stands for both
reliability and functionality.
The charge level and battery status
can be read off on the circular display.


Sophisticated connector system:

  • Plug-in connections between the modules are invisible
  • System uses standard plugs

Good reasons for more green power

There are many good reasons why inverter manufacturers, distributors and end consumers are equally impressed by our modular energy storage system.

Developed and produced in Austria: With over 16 years’ battery expertise, we guarantee the use of leading European manufacturing technology.
This creates trust and provides security. We strive for the highest value creation, and soon our round cells will also come from Europe.

Maximum power in compact form
The modular battery system is available in capacities of 12, 17, 21 and 25 kilowatt hours, and exhibits one of the highest energy densities. With the same energy storage values, VOLTHOME® remains compact and thus saves space.
  Maximum efficiency
Our storage enables the maximum quantity of energy to be stored: Thanks to the higher voltage and lower current, the losses with VOLTHOME® are minimal, which optimizes energy efficiency and reduces energy costs.
  Timeless design
The elegant, simple and timeless design adapts seamlessly to any room. And thanks to being attached directly to the wall, all the external socket connections disappear inside the system.
Maximum flexibility
Our storage system adapts effortlessly to every room, is attached to the wall and can be placed on the floor.
  Extendable modular design
Our storage can be optimally adapted to any requirement, and can also be extended retrospectively with further modules.
  Active balancing
Every individual cell in the battery has the same voltage. So our battery is longer-lasting and more efficient, offering investment security and stable financial returns.
Safety beyond the standard
The round cells with individual cell protection and our in-house developed battery management system (BMS) offer maximum safety. The utmost safety is guaranteed during the installation too: the current flow remains interrupted until the final connection.
  Easy to install
Our system was developed in cooperation with installation companies, and thanks to the simple plug system no external wiring is required for the modules. The rapid and easy installation makes our storage system especially popular with installers.
  The green storage system
With an above-average recycling rate, using CO2-neutrally generated electricity and mainly sustainable materials, our storage makes an active contribution to protecting the environment. What’s more, the battery is fully decomposable.
Future-oriented cell chemistry
For the cell chemistry we rely on modern lithium iron phosphate technology, and are continuously developing our technologies. So we always offer our customers the best solution, including in terms of durability.

Your pathway to independence:

See how your own green power flows through our energy storage system.

The technical benefits at a glance



Cell chemistry/cell type Lithium iron phosphate (cobalt-free)
Lithium-ion battery cells
Cell format Round cell
Installation Plug system
System Extendable modular design
Assembly / installation location Wall / indoors and garage
Battery modules #03, #04, #05, #06.
Storage capacity 12 / 17 / 21 / 25 kWh

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