The world‘s lightest, most efficient and highest performance liquid cooling component for batteries.

The Miba FLEXCOOLER® is a unique liquid cooling component and the world‘s first designed specifically for thermal management of EV battery cells.


The Miba FLEXCOOLER® improves fast charging, range, battery life and cost efficiency to ensure optimum performance and customer satisfaction.

Compared to conventional solutions the FLEXCOOLER® is a non-rigid component that is flexible in design, size and shape. Its flexibility allows the FLEXCOOLER® to inflate/expand into the defined design space eliminating the need for thermal interface materials (TIMs) and adhesives.

The FLEXCOOLER® is suitable for all cell types and form factors whether for cylindrical, prismatic or pouch cells. It is also suitable for all cooling applications: side/jacket cooling, bottom cooling or top/terminal cooling are viable solutions, all offering the unique benefits of the FLEXCOOLER®.

Customized parameters and designs


The FLEXCOOLER® enables battery designs that take thermal management to a new level, surpassing conventional solutions in almost every important way while keeping system complexity low.

Irrespective of the cell format and typeused, we customize the design and operating parameters of the FLEXCOOLER® to meet the requirements of each customer‘s battery pack in the most efficient way possible, while simplifying the overall system.

Thermal management of an EV battery with the Miba FLEXCOOLER® goes beyond optimizing heat absorption and dissipation. The FLEXCOOLER® offers additional features such as swelling and compression pad function, continuous tolerance compensation and stop-TP/heat-shield behavior.

The advantages of a flexible battery cooling


  • 100% reduction of the gap filler
  • Compensation of manufacturing tolerances of the battery
  • Applicable for round prismatic and pouch cells

Lightweight and slim design

  • Reduction of intercellular spaces to a minimum
  • Low weight - up to -80% of the raw material
  • Improved recycling process and effort
  • Low CO2 footprint


  • Safe and smart components
  • Uniform cooling over the entire battery
  • Electrically non-conductive

New approach to battery cooling

Thermal management is a critical success factor for electric vehicles. Long service life, short charging time and energy density are directly related to an efficient battery cooling system..


Traditional battery cooling takes the form of a plate, usually made of aluminum, with embedded channels for the coolant. The battery cells, which are usually surrounded by a metal sleeve, and the cooling plate are rigid. Direct contact - e.g. due to manufacturing tolerances - always results in an air gap and thus poor thermal conductivity. By adding thermal conductive pastes, good thermal coupling can be achieved at this point.


Miba's flexible battery cooling system now replaces the cooling plate with a heat exchanger that adapts to the shape of the battery cell. The flexibility of the heat exchanger enables direct thermal contact between the heat exchanger and the battery cell, even without the use of a heat-conducting paste.


FLEXCOOLER® - General specifications


600 – 1000 W/m²K, combined value from fluid to contact surface


Pressure cycling > 200 000 cycles; 0 – 2.5 bar;
Accelerated aging > 30 years under typical automotive operating conditions

Minimum operating pressure

> 100 mbar

Burst pressure

> 8 bar FLEXCOOLER® requires support structure

Space requirements

> 1mm FLEXCOOLER® inflates/expands into available design space


✓ Life cycle tests
✓ Thermal performance validation
✓ Thermal runaway / Stop-TP
✓ Shock & vibration
✓ Technical cleanliness
✓ Tensile strength
✓ Flaming / fire test (UL 94)

Pack assembly / disassembly

No TIMs & no adhesives necessary
Enabler for rework & servicing; facilitates recycling of battery packs








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