The VOLTstation® is a mobile energy storage system based on lithium-ion battery technology. Thanks to its modular and compact design, it enables a flexible use as a stationary and mobile electric and energy storage system. From basic products up to highly customized solution the VOLTstation® is your reliable energy source.


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Product description


The housing of the compact VOLTstation® ES50 is robust and is easily transported by lifting eyelets or forklift tines. Due to consistent lightweight construction, the VOLTstation® can be transported on a car trailer with a class B driver's license and thus has a unique selling point on the market. It is possible to connect the VOLTstation® in parallel during island operation.



On construction sites, the provision of electricity during the day and at night is a decisive factor. Emission targets are already being set in tenders and are thus successively replacing diesel gensets. The VOLTstation® alone or in combination with diesel generators is the solution to significantly reduce fuel costs, emissions such as exhaust gases and noise.

Industry & Commerce

Industry and commerce need planning security to ensure their business processes smoothly. In order not to suffer any production downtime and the resulting uncalculated losses in the event of power outages, the VOLTstation® provides added value to our customers. As a further application, a VOLTstation® can buffer current peaks for the grid connection and thus reduce the design of grid connections.

Charging Infrastructure

For the area of charging infrastructure, the VOLTstation® provides our customers with added value in many ways. Where vehicles, boats and equipment cannot yet be charged, the VOLTstation® provides energy quickly and easily. It can be recharged in e.g., by a PV system to reduce the ecological footprint.

Because electricity prices are volatile, the VOLTstation® enables a cost optimization of electricity bills in which our customers decide when to purchase and use their energy. The VOLTstation® enables to be recharged when the electricity price is cheapest and consumed when it is at its highest.

First responders

In the event of a widespread power outage or similar events (storms, earthquakes, or floods), it is mandatory to ensure a power supply for first responders such as fire brigades, police, etc. Due to the mobility of the VOLTstation® (on a light car trailer), it enables a quick and easy transport where it is most needed by any B Class driver.

Events / venues

For the successful execution of events such as open-air concerts or other outdoor events, the VOLTstation® is ideal as a mobile energy storage system. Since the operating noise and/or the exhaust gases of diesel power generators impair such events, these are significantly reduced with the VOLTstation® and/or completely substituted depending on the energy requirement.

Film & Entertainment

For particularly noise-sensitive environments such as movie and TV productions as well as special events, the whisper-quiet VOLTstation® is particularly suitable instead of a diesel power generator. In parallel operation of several VOLTstations®, the energy requirement is scaled up to ensure a day of use without charging.

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