VOLTFACTORY® #01 is pilot and flagship plant for further expansion

As part of our "local to local" strategy, our goal as Austria's technologically leading battery manufacturer is to open additional VOLTFACTORY® locations worldwide. 

Global expansion and additional production sites planned

With an area of more than 3,900 square meters, the VOLTFACTORY® is the Miba Group's battery pilot and flagship plant. The goal is to expand globally from here and develop additional battery production sites in our customers' markets. 


The VOLTFACTORY®'s core technology

One of the core innovations of the VOLTFACTORY® is a unique laser contacting technology for for welding round battery cell systems, which Miba Battery Systems is using for the first time in the world. Lithium-ion battery systems for cars, buses, motorcycles, construction machinery, boats and drones are produced at the factory on the fully automated VOLTJET® production line.

We do have all the critical competences within the company


  • Development and design of the battery pack
  • Testing
  • Component competence
  • Own Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Software development
  • Industrialization of assembly lines
  • Global production footprint

From concept to series production.

The VOLTFACTORY® is based on the automated VOLTJET® production line, which enables us to offer comprehensive services from concept to series production. As a full-service provider, we supply both standard and customized battery solutions to meet specific requirements.